For any requests related to the i2b2 2017 European Meeting, please use:


  • Anita Burgun (Paris, France)
  • Christel Daniel (Paris, France)
  • Marie-Christine Jaulent (Paris, France)

Local Organizing committee

  • Christel DANIEL (Paris, France)
  • Nicolas PARIS (Paris, France)
  • Eric ZAPLETAL (Paris, France)

Scientific committee

  • Tim BECK (Leicester, UK)
  • Anita BURGUN (Paris, France)
  • Riccardo BELLAZZI (Pavia, Italy)
  • Richard BRAMLEY (Leicester, UK)
  • Anthony J. BROOKES (Leicester, UK)
  • Christel DANIEL (Paris, France)
  • Marie-Christine JAULENT (Paris, France)
  • Nicolas PARIS (Paris, France)
  • Hans-Ulrich PROKOSCH (Erlangen, Germany)
  • Bastien RANCE (Paris, France)
  • Ulrich SAX (Göttingen, Germany)

With the help of: