Contributors Guidelines

Contributors Guidelines

The submissions are closed since September 15th.

General instructions for the authors

If your submissions have been accepted by the Scientific Commitee, we invite you to follow the contributors guidelines below.

Conflict of interest & authorization for publishing the presentation/abstract

For any submitted material (presentations or posters) please provide (by mail to :

  1. a statement regarding possible conflicts of interest in the presented work
  2. your permission to publish your work on the conference web site after the meeting.

Formatting guidelines for presentations

In order to allow as many as possible presentations during the meeting, you will have a 10 minutes time slot to present your work during the meeting. Each presentation will be followed by a 5 minutes discussion with the audience.

For the best viewing experience presentations should respect the definition of the conference room’s projector : 1360 x 768.

The presentation console is a standard Windows 7 Pro PC with the 2010 Office Suite. PDF presentations are also supported.

Video are supported with VLC (Windows media player is not available).

Presenters that would like to use their own PC or MAC must provide a VGA adapter to connect to the conference room’s projector and adjust the PC or Mac display resolution to 1360×768.

Formatting guidelines for posters

Posters should respect the following size constraints :

  • vertical layout
  • maximum width = 70 cm (27 inches)
  • maximum height = 200 cm (6ft 6.7in)

We also recommend to you to follow international guidelines (cf as an example).

Thanks in advance for your cooperation !

The organizing committee